Dear Members and Friends,

Due to concerns about the status of COVID-19, AAWE will be postponing the Americas Conference on Wind Engineering (ACWE) from May 2021 to 2022. Prof. John Schroeder is the conference chair, and the venue will remain Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Updates about the ACWE will be given during 2021.

With the postponement of the ACWE to 2022, AAWE is looking to run a virtual workshop in the summer of 2021. AAWE workshops are traditionally focused on students by providing opportunities for research students to present their findings and network with the wind engineering community. However, before we start detailed planning, we would first like to gauge interest from the wind engineering community.

We would really appreciate it if you could spend 3 minutes filling out the following brief survey to help in the planning:

3 Minute – AAWE Summer 2021 Workshop Survey >