The 6th AAWE Workshop is May 12-14 2021, hosted online by Clemson University, and focused on providing graduate students and early career engineers with an opportunity to present their work in progress and discuss it with the wind engineering community.

6th AAWE Workshop & Registration

The Glenn Department of Civil Engineering at Clemson University is hosting the the 6th AAWE Workshop with a focus on student and early career presentations. The workshop will include several keynote addresses and panel discussions on non-academic wind engineering careers and future directions for wind engineering research.

The program is chaired by Nigel Kaye (Clemson University) with the assistance of a Scientific Committee who will assist in reviewing abstracts and selecting speakers and panelists.

The workshop is free to all members of AAWE, join or renew your membership if it has expired. Follow the Workshop Twitter Feed for updates.


Details on registration will be posted shortly. All presenters and attendees must be members of AAWE. The program with links to the zoom sessions will be posted and only available to members.

Join or renew your membership to take park in this workshop.

Tentative list of topics:

  1. Wind events
    • risk modeling
    • wind field modeling
    • non-synoptic winds
    • Turbulence theory
  2. Wind loading and damage
    • Aerodynamics of buildings and bridges
    • Aeroelasticity
    • wind induced vibrations
    • non-hurricane loads
    • Performance-based wind engineering
    • Wind-Induced loads on non-building structures
    • Wind code and standards
    • Vulnerability of structures under wind loads
    • Wind effects on transportation
    • Wind-driven rain and permeable facades
    • Windborne debris
    • Vehicle aerodynamics
  3. Wind event response
    • Hazard evacuation
    • Post-event field studies
    • Recovery and resiliency
  4. Other wind research
    • Wind energy
    • multi-hazard modeling
    • etc.


The full program will be published here once abstracts have been reviewed and accepted. The workshop will run from 11am to 6 pm each day to accommodate participants in different North American time zones.

The plan for the program is summarized below. All times are Eastern Daylight Time:

Wednesday May 12:

  • Morning Keynote address (11-12)
  • Morning sessions (12:15-1:45)
  • Afternoon sessions (2:15-3.45)
  • Evening panel discussion (4-5)
  • Social Hour (5-6)

Thursday May 13:

  • Morning Keynote address (11-12)
  • Morning sessions (12:15-1:45)
  • Afternoon sessions (2:15-3.45)
  • Evening panel discussion (4-5)
  • Social Hour (5-6)

Friday May 14:

  • Morning Keynote address (11-12)
  • Morning sessions (12:15-1:45)
  • Afternoon sessions (2:15-3.45)
  • AAWE Awards ceremony (4-5)
  • Social Hour (5-6)

Scientific Committee

The scientific committee will review and approve all submitted abstracts and advise on the choice of keynote speakers and panelist. The current committee is: